Just when you think you have heard the best of the two-piece Irish electronica scene (Solar Bears, Nouveaunoise) another one comes along. Datadrip are a two-piece from Dublin whose debut EP, Works, you may have wrapped your ears around last year. The Collision EP just arrived today, and I have been playing it pretty much non-stop since it came out. All four of the tracks sound wonderful, but it is the final track, ‘Tabletang’, that really take your ears through a mindbending journey. It will leave you gasping for air afterwards. It mixes banging beats, trebly electric guitar and pretty much everything but the kitchen sink. It’s been on repeat for the last half an hour. Datadrip launch the Collision EP in Shebeen Chic on Friday, September 16, with support from Bantum and Tenaka. The Facebook event page is here. The band also plays as part of the Hard Working Class Heroes festival. They play the Twisted Pepper on Saturday, October 8, at 9.50pm. Expect to hear more about Datadrip in the coming weeks and months. And expect to hear about plenty more electronica people too, the genre that just keeps giving. Download the Collision EP for free on Bandcamp.

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