You want more electronica made by Irish artists? Well, then look no further than Replete, AKA Peter Lawlor, born in Kilkenny and residing in Cork (which also houses Reid and Toby Kaar). He has a few tracks up on Soundcloud, my favourite of which is ‘Chill, Bro’, which does exactly what it promises. It adds layers and builds up to a rewarding final 60 seconds. ‘Hits And Misses’, meanwhile, sounds like Bibio before changing tack halfway through. Listen to those two tracks plus ‘Port’, which only went up yesterday, below. As with most Irish electronica artists, you’ll probably be hearing a lot more from Replete soon.

Replete – ‘Chill, Bro’

Replete – ‘Hits And Misses’

Replete – ‘Port’

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