A compilation for charity, One Day: Music Compilation features 16 Irish artists. Some you may have heard before, and plenty you probably haven’t heard yet, it’s safe to say the collection is diverse, ranging from fuzzy guitars (September Girls), acoustic (Katie Kim – amazing live), instrumental (Ten Past Seven) and much more. Granny It’s OK To Experiment is a Waterford-based studio and after the jump you can read all about this album in aid of Childline. Download it from Bandcamp.

‘Granny it’s OK to Experiment’ is releasing a 16 track compilation album to highlight the artists that have recorded in the studio over the past two years.

The album costs five yo yo’s through BandCamp, and all proceeds will be donated to ChildLine. The name ‘One Day’ comes from the fact that each track included on this compilation was either recorded in a day, or is a live take where the musicians plucked brand new melodies from the ether.

Granny it’s Ok to Experiment Studio opened in Waterford two years ago with the help of the Waterford City Council. The idea behind the studio was that bands might have time to come and work on sound projects at a reasonable rate and so that young engineers and producers could learn their trade. In that time there have been almost twenty records completed and a hell of a lot of musical adventures.

There is also an underlying ethic at ‘Granny’s’ to try and keep the music as natural as possible, staying true to the way the bands would like their music to sound. The idea is that artists coming into record should not have to waste their time making things sounds like everything else thats on the radio, but to be confident enough to leave ones own fingerprint on their record. To make music their way.

In the distant past people used to spend money on big ol’ sound sytems so they could listen to music they way it should be heard. This led to many underground labels going straight to vinyl and bypassing mastering completely. This in part came about as a response to lack of funding, some lazy, unsensitive, bombastic mastering techniques, and because radio station limiters compressers seemed to be sapping the life out of songs. The songs on this compilation are also brought to you the way they should be heard, “Direct to Disc”.

This album is dedicated to all the unsung hero’s such as civil servants and music appreciators who work endlessly to help you bands find their feet, and to the bands who became the heartbeat of the studio these last two years. – Go dheireadh an Bhothair Linn