This tweet from Dave Donnelly, who runs Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed, was my introduction to Dublin band Water Cycle. Since I clicked the link three days ago I haven’t been able to stop listening to The Company Of Friends, and in particular, second track ‘Good Friends’. It was only yesterday that I eventually stopped repeating that track and got to the rest of the album. I love Aaron Page’s non-plussed voice. But yes, it’s all about the brass. Sadly, things never reach the same heights as ‘Good Friends’ but for just €5 how could you not download the album? The band – a seven-piece – plays the Grand Social on November 23. Click the jump for more on Water Cycle and how the album came together.

Water Cycle is a solo project started by Dublin-based musician Aaron Page in late 2009.

The debut album The Company of Friends was written by him over a two-year period in a garden shed surrounded by all varieties of instruments and sounds. It was then recorded in a much finer room beside the sea in Salt Studios Dublin, where the name itself came from the many late night bicycle trips home from the studio along the coast. The album is described as a mixture of electric folk teamed with synthesisers, citing influences such as Bon Iver, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens.