If it’s atmospheric musings you want, then look no further than Laura Sheeran’s latest collection of songs, going under the title of Murderous Love. “Terror in your eyes as I bled you dry,” Sheeran sings within a minute of the opening song, also the title track. The track soon mutates into something akin to Portishead’s ‘Machine Gun‘. The EP is one that rewards those who listen intently to it: it’s quietly intense, with hooks few and far between. As Sheeran says in the accompanying Bandcamp blurb: “Murderous Love is a collection of songs inspired by and written during the dark winter months. While snowed in for almost a week during the big freeze last January, I wrote and recorded many of these songs – alone in my tiny bedsit. At the time I felt like I was in some sort of a cocoon, while the harsh elements threatened at my window I was safe and comforted, surrounded by the sounds I was making.” Listening to the six tracks that comprise Murderous Love, Sheeran certainly captured the harsher elements. For €35, you can get the limited edition (amazing sounding) CD package. All the details are on Laura Sheeran’s Bandcamp page.