By the 53rd second of opening track I knew I was going to enjoy Bantum’s fourth EP. Comprised of four songs, Lay Lay will enthrall every listener for just over its 20-minute running time. Vocals on the title track and ‘Gravy’ are provided by Margie Lewis, while Owensie sings on closing track ‘New String’. The tracks all sound as if they’re remixes of something that’s gone before – they’re not. ‘Gravy’ is built around Lewis cooing, yet for four-and-a-half minutes it never sounds anything less than thrilling. Owensie, meanwhile, sings of a ghost under his bed, while the music elevates and depresses, completely changes and will almost certainly make you repeat the track again and again. Lay Lay can be downloaded for free, along with the three other EPs, over on Bantum’s Bandcamp page. Bantum plays Twisted Pepper in Dublin on November 10.

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