Kara Kara is Dublin-based Kieran Dold and his debut EP is simply stunning. It’s all done on keyboards and using – wait for it – a GameBoy. I knew you could make music using that technique but I didn’t knew the songs could be so breathtaking. ‘Haunted GameBoys’, for example, is a full-on, maniacal dance track. And things don’t let up for the other four tracks on the EP. The final track, ‘Talking To Hipsters’ should endear Kara Kara to some. It reminds me of Skrillex, whether that’s intentional or not. I tweeted about Kara Kara a couple of weeks ago and was pointed towards two other artists going for the GameBoy approach. I’m not sure how long the genre will last, but it’s jawdropping to see the likes of Meneo. Kara Kara could well be the life and soul of every party going. Check out My Laptop Just Broke , a Kara Kara remix of Datadrip’s ‘Tabletang’ and Adebisi Shank’s ‘Genki Shank’ below. There’s two more Gameboy artists after the jump.

My Laptop Just Broke by KaraKara

DataDrip – ‘Tabletang’ (Kara Kara remix)

Adebisi Shank – ‘Genki Shank’ (Kara Kara remix)

Anamanaguchi – ‘Airbrushed’