Goodtime’s ‘Behind This Sun’ has been on repeat here for the past month or so, and now, we get seven more tracks, making up The Colours of Darkness. John Cowhie’s second album is a short, melodic blast of rejuvenation. Throughout, the listener is reassured that things are not as bad as they may seem. “Don’t think you know what it is you want, but who does?” John sings on standout track ‘One Shot’. On first glance it might be easy to dismiss The Colours of Darkness as yet another singer-songwriter acoustic album, but looks can be deceiving. ‘Mystery of Days’ is a funky number, helped ably along by Richie Egan on bass; ‘Diamonds’ just about manages to contain itself; and closer ‘Come With Me (Take the Night)’ will see you reaching for the repeat button. The Colours of Darkness deserves your ears – you’ll find that the sun shines a little brighter afterwards. You can buy Goodtime’s second album on Bandcamp for just €5.99

The Colours Of Darkness (Album Stream 2011) by GOODTIME
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