I was ready to write off Kele’s new EP, which came out Friday. The Hunter is seven songs long and after 30 seconds of opener ‘What Did I Do?’ I really doubted whether I could last. I began pining for him to return to Bloc Party and forget the solo career – then I remembered Intimacy. And while I was thinking of the future that lies ahead for Kele – blogging? – I came to the final song, ‘You Belong To Someone Else’. It’s a huge mish-mash of ideas built around one simple dah-dah-dah synth line. There are a few annoying things about it, but considering the six preceding songs, you’ll get over Kele’s ‘Swagger Jagger‘ apeing at the 90-second mark pretty easily. “This is happiness at last,” Kele sings at one point – Bloc Party fans must be crying into their foie gras on the 7.18 if this is what makes Kele happy. But it’s the amount of ideas in the song which makes it work. He even veers into ‘Shout’ at one point. Both The Boxer and Intimacy didn’t make me go back once, but ‘You Belong To Someone Else’ is eventful, at least. Maybe that’s it for Kele’s solo work; hopefully it’s back to the day job. Please write another Silent Alarm Kele, I know you can.

Kele – ‘You Belong To Someone Else’

You can listen to The Hunter EP (if you can stomach it) here.