This is the b-side to Factory Floor’s new single which has just been released on the DFA label. I have been listening to it a lot this morning and the thing that has grabbed me most about this second version is that I simply can’t pinpoint where the intro ends. As you can see from the Soundcloud wavelength below, things obviously change, but it’s so subtle, full of small tweaks that come the seven-minute mark you’ll be asking where’s the rest of the song. It’s different to the, er, first way in that this track is much more percussion focused. It’s more than 60 seconds into the song that you get a hint of synth. It’s testament to how talented the London trio are that they came up with such a simple concept for a single – one song two different ways. Buy it on 12″ at the DFA shop. Listen to the first way here.

Factory Floor – ‘Two Different Ways (Second Way)’