The Gorgeous Colours certainly know their way around a dreamy sound. You may (should) have heard ‘It’s OK To Be Normal’ from earlier in the year. Similarly, ‘Chopped Heart’ is available as a free download from the Dublin band’s Bandcamp page. It sounds like Divine Comedy covering British Sea Power. But maybe that’s just the trumpets and the vocals. It adds up to a pretty memorable, radio-friendly three-and-a-half-minutes anyway. But there’s a juxtaposition between the sweet music and the lyrics: “Loss of clothes I’ll take you home… Flash of evil genius driving hard between us.” Singer Neil proclaims later: “I’m naked for you,” thus becoming the line of choice for lovelorn teens at house parties. So bare (ha!) that in mind while you listen to ‘Chopped Heart’ and think it’s lovely – it’s a dirty song. But your mum will probably enjoy it just as much as you do. Awkward. Download it for free from Bandcamp.

The Gorgeous Colours – ‘Chopped Heart’