Last Friday in Cyprus Avenue, Antlers played a sold-out show, which saw all tickets gone before I got my act together. Afterwards saw the first in a series of late-night gigs in the Cork venue and you would have thought there’d have been a good-sized crowd for it. But there wasn’t, which was disappointing because it was Not Squares’ first show in the city. There were still a handful of people there, the majority of the crowd made up of about 10 Polish people, some of whom were clad in suits. And they were very, very, very drunk. Support came from local group Zombie Computer – I entered during their set and the sound blew me away, but not in a good way; it was far too loud and noisey. But for about 45 minutes, Not Squares, whose album, Yeah, OK, came out on Richter Collective last year, were jaw-droppingly good. Showcasing a couple of new tunes along the way, the euphoria seemed to build and build, culminating in one of my favourite songs of last year, ‘Release The Bees’. Last Friday was one of my favourite gigs of the year – and I bet the Polish folk would agree, particularly the one in the tweed suit absolutely ‘avin it down the front. Buy the album from Bandcamp for €3.99.