I had the distinct pleasure of finally seeing Halves play in Cork on Friday night. Debut album It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) was released last year following a number of EPs and led to some support slots in the city; but I never got to see them. This show in Cyprus Avenue was the second late-night Friday show in succession and took place after Duke Special played his first show in ages in Cork. Prior to taking to the stage, the four members of Halves, plus Duke himself, downed a shot, perhaps for a little bit of Dutch courage. Whatever it was, it certainly worked. For the following hour, Halves put on a mesmerising display with support act Jennifer Evans (who was also captivating) joining for a handful of songs. It’s tempting when a band switches around instruments like Halves do to draw comparisons with Arcade Fire or, looking closer to home, the Immediate. But that is doing Halves a great disservice. Their songs are all about creating an atmosphere, with choruses non-existent. The big moments, when they come, see the guitars reach deafening levels, with the band all as one, eyes closing, looking to heaven. Even the talkative crowd quietened. Halves play the Unitarian Church in Dublin on December 9. It will probably be unique. Listen to It Goes, It Goes (Forever & Ever) below, and buy it from Bandcamp for just €9.