If you saw the video for ‘Lingering‘ during the summer, or indeed listen to the songs already up on her Soundcloud page, you might know what Tara Masterson Hally’s latest song holds in store. The 18-year-old writes beautiful songs that manage to restrain themselves from being overwrought. ‘In The Silence’ is a simple tale that’s been told thousands, millions of times before. And yet when Hally sings about a love whose candle has blown out, it sounds as fresh and sad as the first time you saw it expressed on film. It’s difficult to listen to such a young female backed with little more than her guitar and some harmonies without thinking of Laura Marling. The harmonies, meanwhile, bring to mind the three-piece Mountain Man. So Hally might be right at home with them, with songs that could make a grown man – and woman – reduced to tears. “And you’re slipping your way from the crack that I made, and we watch it flicker and we watch it faint, but you were never mine and I was never yours, so we’ll close our eyes and let the silence run its course,” Hally sings as the song begins to fade. As Morrissey once sang, “How could someone so young sing words so sad?” Someone pass a tissue.

Tara Masterson Hally – ‘In The Silence’