Galway three-piece Milan Jay blew me away around this time last year when they released ‘We Believe’ on Bandcamp. It featured on the To The Sea And Swim EP, which was followed by To The Night And Sky, all completely different in sound. The trio complete the Philosopher Trilogy, named after their own label, with To The Sinking Sun, a collection of four songs that again sound so disparate you’ll be sure your iTunes/iPod/internet is on shuffle. Opener ‘Robot Revenge’ has already featured on The Point Of Everything. It’s proper rawwwk, with a sneer that would make Liam Gallagher question himself. The chilled out ‘Sleeping Under Saturn’ could be confused with a Washed Out track. Just don’t call it chillwave. Reminiscent of a stripped-back, laid-bare ‘We Believe’, ‘Sleeping Under Saturn’ is the track I find myself going back to most out of the four. But that’s not to say that the rap track here, ‘Youth Ain’t No Excuse’ doesn’t have its merits. Not being versed in all things rap, the obvious comparison is Beastie Boys. It has quite a bit of anger too, underneath the distorted vocals. The synths-based ‘Sinking Sun’, meanwhile, is the end-of-the-night closer, the one that will leave you gasping for more.

The obvious problem with Milan Jay’s myriad styles is that they might keep die-hard fans away. But the obvious plus with all the genre hopping is that the fanbase could be unlimited. How many other Irish bands could you compare to the Beastie boys, Oasis, Washed Out and a euphoric dance band all in one go? To The Sinking Sun will contain at the very least one song that you will think is one of the best things you’ve ever heard. And that’s surely the least any band could want. You can download the four-track EP for €1.99 on Milan Jay’s Bandcamp, where you can buy a physical CD for €4.99 – there’s only 50 in existence.