Mixed bag of news for Windings fans fans this morning. First, a new song accompanied by a video. There are at least 10 different ways to watch the stars in squares type video for ‘The Hassle’. I can’t take my eyes off the cowbell square. Yes, that’s right, there is cowbell in ‘The Hassle’, which obviously makes it great. It’s a lot heavier than some of the tracks on the Limerick band’s debut album It’s Never Night, which came out last year. ‘Poor In The Mouth’ was the loudest song on that collection and ‘The Hassle’ is 10 times as heavy. So earplugs advised, perhaps. The song is from a 7″ single Windings are set to release at the beginning of next year. The other track on the double a-side is called ‘The Space I Occupy’.

The bad news for Windings fans? As the band say on Facebook: “Today we’re genuinely sad to have to announce the departure of our drummer, Aaron Mulhall, from windings. Aaron has been windings drummer for about 3 or so years now, and has invested an awful lot of his time and energy into this band. We’ve had a mad laugh in that time, and played many, many, gigs, all over the world. Each one has been a pleasure to play, and we at windings will always remain firm friends with Aaron. We wish him nothing but the best in all his future endeavours, and we’re gonna miss him loads (even if he does pronounce Google, ‘Guggle’)”

Aaron made the video for ‘The Hassle’ thanks to shots from Matthew Organ. The band continues: “Filling in Aaron’s shoes will be Brian Meaney. Brian is a daycent oul’ head, known to anyone with even a basic knowledge of Limrock History. He’s been around as long as ourselves, he’s deadly, and we look forward to having him in our band.”

A reliable source, Miriam (who knows everything about music in Limerick) tells me that Meaney played with Seraphim with some of the members of We Should Be Dead, a punk band called Barberscum, Roper, as well as a number of other projects. So Windings’ story checks out.