One-half of the 2 Bears is Joe Goddard, who is one-fifth of Hot Chip, a band I have missed throughout 2011. But Goddard’s sideproject has made me yearn a little less. Raf Daddy – aka Raphael Rundell – is the other Bear, and above is the video for ‘Work’, a song that will bring you right back to the early 90s dancefloors. It’s cheesey, but resistance is futile. The video is great too. It features people working while the duo get a shave; simple, but effective. I wonder what other mundane song titles the band have up their sleeve: ‘Sleep’? ‘Lunch’? The list could go on. ‘Work’ is taken from the 2 Bears’ forthcoming debut album, Be Strong, which is set to come out in January on the renowned DFA label. It’s probably going to be one of the best dance albums of the year. Check out the video for ‘Bear Hug’, which you might have heard in the summer.