George Townsend & Adam Kaye, 17- and 18-year-old DJs and producers from Lancaster, England, are Bondax. There’s only a handful of original tracks in their arsenal so far, but did I mention that they’re only 17 and 18?!? ‘You’re So’ attracted me to the duo, with its subtle mix of bass, lush pop vocals and light schizophrenic percussion. In a recent interview with Disco Droppings,Townsend says ‘BTSTU’ by Jai Paul has been a big influence on Bondax. It’s crazy that one song can hold a big influence over a band, but such is the age of the internet, I guess – and ‘BTSTU‘ is kind of amazing. Bondax have already seen some radio play and much love for the four original tracks on Soundcloud, as well as for their remixes, the highlight being Monarchy’s ‘You Don’t Want To Dance’. From first track ‘Just Smile To Me’ to ‘You’re So’, Bondax ooze self-assurance. There’s an EP proper coming in March. Can you imagine how much more confident these teenage producers will get after that?