I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve heard from Cork producer (Eoghan) REID over the past year. From his debut EP last summer to numerous remixes, he’s got a pretty good hit rate. And in the past week he’s made another two remixes to add to his catalogue. The first is a cover of Come On Live Long’s ‘White Horse’, and the second, which he put up yesterday, is a take on Berlin-based band Kool Thing’s ‘Light Games’. That’s pretty prolific by anyone’s standards, so I asked him how the Kool Things remix came about.

“I supported Kool Thing back in October in Crawdaddy. I had heard some of their stuff online and had heard great things about their tour with Austra so it was cool to open for them. They asked me would I be up for doing a remix for them after hearing me play some of the ones I had already done at the gig. Neither of them are actually German, they are just based there. Julie is actually from Dublin and Jane is Australian as far as I know. Anyway, I was delighted to be asked as I love their haunting sound.”

How difficult (or easy) is it to figure out what you wanted to do with the song? Do you just listen to the song endlessly until you decide how you’re going to remix it?
“To be honest I had never actually heard the full song till they brought it out last Friday. When I do remixes I only use the vocals so that’s all I asked for.”

Is remixing a lot easier than actually coming up with your own songs?
“Remixing isn’t exactly easier when it’s done the way I do it. I only use the vocals so I almost have to come up with a new song to layer under them. It always makes for an interesting outcome though.”

Finally, can we expect some new, original REID songs shortly?
“I have my second single coming out on Blah Blah Blah Records on February 20th and after that It’s hard to say. I am working on new material but I have no plans for it yet. I’m after hooking up with a UK management agency who are now looking after me and helping me sort out my next release. Hopefully have something out during the Summer, who knows?”

REID is releasing his next single ‘Diptera’ b/w ‘Fall’ in February on Blah Blah Blah. Both tracks featured on the original EP that so enthralled me last summer. I can’t wait to hear what they finished, mastered versions sound like. More on the release here. REID is keeping busy on the live front as well. Next month, he’s one of seven artists playing seven venues around Ireland under the banner Lightbox. I saw the line up and I may have drooled. More on that here.

Below, you can listen to REID’s remix of Kool Thing’s ‘Light Games’ as well as the original, and there’s also a taster of ‘Diptera’/’Fall’.