You’ll recognise the name if you’ve ever listened to Grizzly Bear, and if you’re ever listened to Grizzly Bear you’re probably in love with that voice. Daniel Rossen is also half of Department of Eagles, but ‘Saint Nothing’ is taken from his debut solo release, the EP Silent Hour/Golden Mile, out in March on Warp. It wouldn’t sound out of place on Grizzly Bear’s last release Veckatimist – we certainly know where they get their tear-inducing songs from anyway. Here’s how Rossen works. ‘Saint Nothing’, as the name might suggest, delves into religion, and the feeling of helplessness when no one talks back: “Walk with me, speak to me. Saint I don’t know your name, but your voice so strong… An empty phrase, a hollow sound.” Accompanied by a repetitive piano line and a little else, Rossen sounds heartbroken. Give anyone else that piano line (Chris Martin) and he’ll turn it into something cheesy that you’ll never want to listen to again; Rossen tugs at your heartstrings without going down your throat. ‘Saint Nothing’ is a restrained ballad, ending in the refrain “How alone, how alone” – you just want to put your hand around Rossen. The EP will have four more songs on it – hopefully it will come with tissues as well.