Yet another wonderful video from Lisa Hannigan. After the colour frenzy of ‘Knots’ and the water-filled tub of ‘Little Bird’, ‘What’ll I Do’ ratchets up the fun once more. When they were thinking up video ideas for Passenger, Hannigan’s second album, which is also up for the Choice Prize, she must have thought of the things she really wanted to do when she was a child. “I want to get covered in paint while I play a ukelele!” “I want to sing a song on a rollercoaster!” ‘What’ll I Do’ looks really joyous – Hannigan has a smile that could melt a thousand hearts. Try to watch it without a smile breaking out across your face. The video was produced by Feenish productions. Hannigan gave a little more info on the video on Facebook: “I went on that rollercoaster 18 times in a row (and then we used the first take). Also, I LOST MY HAT ON TAKE 3!”