Arctic Monkeys are the coolest band in the world. In the video for ‘Black Treacle‘ (out today) b-side ‘You And I’, the group are joined by Richard Hawley, who played guitar on All Saints’ version of ‘Under The Bridge‘. He’s also done some good things with music though, so don’t hold it against him (I kind of do, though). The video for ‘You And I’ features Hawley recording his vocals, much to the Monkeys’ delight. It also features the best haircuts in music, some ultra cool shots of Jamie driving in the desert sun and cigarette smoke. The song, meanwhile, is as heavy as anything Arctic Monkeys have done in the past. Hawley’s vocals are perfectly suited to the balls-to-thefloor guitars. With the guitar-wankery solos thrown in there too, ‘You And I’ is instantly one of my favourite Arctic Monkeys b-side. Almost better than the real thing. Now, I need to go to the hairdressers and buy a bottle of gel. Excuse me.