When you really like a band, eagerly awaiting new music from them, a sideproject can catch you unawares. As a huge Arctic Monkeys fan, I was initially disappointed to hear that singer Alex Turner was doing something called Last Shadow Puppets. It worked out – I love their album – but I was sad I had to wait for new Monkeys music. I experienced similar emotions this morning when I heard about Kayfabe, a collaboration between Paul Melia and Niall Corway, of electronica duo Nouveanoise, who released one of my favourite songs – and my favourite EP – of 2011. I thought Sequence Consequence was a massive step up for Nouveaunoise and that they would build on it this year. There’s a slight sidestep from Nouveaunoise to Kayfabe. They’re only one song into their career with ‘Bicycle Day In The Cosmos’, which debuted last week. Expertly produced (wouldn’t expect anything less from Niall), it’s a pop song in every sense of the word, right down to the uplifting chorus: “There’s beauty in my heart, there’s beauty in my soul.” If nothing else, the track will put a smile on your face, warm your heart and make you forget about the troubles of the world. For four minutes anyway. Expect to hear more tunes from Kayfabe over the course of 2012.

There’s no great secret behind the collaboration, Niall says: “Me and Paul grew up together in Enniscrone and we were about the only two people who had a serious interest in producing music that we knew of (twas Sligo afterall) and we’ve always been in contact since, and we’ve always wanted to do something together.” Niall also dampened my fears about the future of Nouveaunoise. He and Conor have plenty of songs ready to go – they’re just waiting for the right time. “The new tunes are the best we’ve ever done and we want to get them out there hitting the biggest audience possible,” he says. I wouldn’t doubt him.

Listen to ‘Bicycle Day In The Cosmos’ below, and download it from Bandcamp for free.