Sad Soul Circus is 19-year-old Cork-based producer Finn Yowell – add him to the list of amazing electronica artists that have emerged from the city over the past 18 months and that’s one mighty impressive list: REID, Toby Kaar, Replete and Bantum to name just a handful.

Yowell was born in New York, moved to Waterford and last September moved on to Cork to study film at college. “I started playing trad music when I was a kid, then taught myself some drums and guitar for a few years,” he told me. “I only started messing about with Ableton about seven months ago when I heard some stuff like Gold Panda and Venetian Snares. My bud was doing sound engineering so he showed me some basics. I was actually in a band with him and my girlfriend and that’s where the name Sad Soul Circus comes from. We used to play acoustic originals and covers but ended up on the session instead of practicing so it gradually fell apart. I still get stick for recycling the name though.” Yowell has a music video for ‘Waves’, which you can listen to below, planned for February 1. “I’d like to have an eight-or nine- track album by autumn,” he says. I also asked him what his goals with Sad Soul Circus are. Yowell says he wants to do more DJing, which he has dabbled in in the past, “although this time with actual music and not your generic 4/4 four-chord Basshunter or whatever I used to play. I would like to play some nice underground clubs with some other artists in the same genres, Toby Kaar, Mmoths, SertOne etc. But basically my main goal is for people to hear my music and hopefully enjoy it.”

Sad Soul Circus only has one track under his belt so far – ‘Waves’ – but when it’s this good, it doesn’t need anything to back it up. For four-and-a-half minutes Sad Soul Circus will make everything outside seem better. ‘Waves’ washes over you (I’m really, really sorry), is chilled (Yowell himself says it’s chillwave) and lures you in with its repetitive structure – you’ll never want to turn it off. Listen to ‘Waves’ below and download it for free from Bandcamp.