And so it begins. The Cast Of Cheers – made up of Conor and Neil on guitars and vocals, John on bass and Kev, the drums – had an amazing 2010: debut album Chariot was released on Bandcamp very early in the year and has had over 150,000 downloads to date. (It’s since been taken down.) The Dublin four-piece since got signed, went away to London to record an album produced by former Clor member Luke Smith and will release it this year. ‘Family’ debuted on the Zane Lowe show a few weeks back and will be released on February 20 in England (presumably February 17 in Ireland) on Schoolboy Error/Co-operative Music. Above is the first step on a giant ladder for the group, a video produced by Russell Weekes. You’ll probably want to be sitting down for it – it will disorientate you. Made up of 5,000 photographs, it’s two-and-a-half minutes of blink-and-you’ll-miss-something brilliance. Also, check out this amazing Flux video of ‘Family’. My 10 favourite shots of the video are explained after the jump, where you can also listen to the brilliant Jape remix.

My 10 favourite moments from ‘Family’, the video:

0.10: The changing haircuts. Angular. Quiffed. Repeat.

0.18: “Only another family-hee-hee.” Side-mouth singing.

0.57: “The floor.”

0.58: “My eyes keep moving ever closer to the door.”

1.00: Now this is drumming.

1.23: Big drum, little drum.

1.43: Synchronised guitar spin.

2.18: Keep an eye on bassist John.

Jape remixed ‘Family’, chilling the track out and adding over two minutes to it. Think of it as the original getting you geared up for a night out and the remix calming you down afterwards. My favourite part is the totally different breakdown at about 2.24 minutes. Listen to it and download it for free below.