Cork producer REID, first name Eoghan, is ready to go with his second single proper, Diptera, on February 20. Made up of two tracks, ‘Diptera’ and ‘Fall’, it will be released on Blah Blah Blah Records across all good online retailers such as iTunes. (Get his first single from iTunes.)Both tracks featured on his debut release, a five-track EP, which came out last summer. That he had such quality tracks ready to go so early in his career is amazing. ‘Diptera’ follows a loud/quiet dynamic, evidenced by the Soundcloud below. I’ve listened to it plenty of times at this stage, both in its early phase and its latest phase, and still when those full-on electronica attacks come they sound as exciting as the first time. ‘Fall’, meanwhile, is more chilled out, helped along by pounding drums right from the off. There’s so much hidden within each song. Listen to both ‘Diptera’ and ‘Fall’ below and buy them on February 20. REID told me last week he was working on some new tracks. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. He’s also playing the Lightbox tour, which is coming to seven cities around Ireland next month and which needs funding. Help out – you won’t regret it.