Somadrone‘s new track could easily be confused with Jape. That’s not a bad thing; Jape’s latest album is the best thing he’s ever done and is rightly up for the Choice Prize next month. ‘Reckoning’ is all about the funky bass, which loops throughout the track. Everything else takes a backseat (as a former bass wannabee this is as it should be) and the vocals are close to indistinguishable – you really have to listen. Neil O’Connor voice is what really brought Jape to mind. If you hear it without knowing it’s Somadrone you would assume it’s a Richie Egan’s voice – and you’d probably be proclaiming it as excellent. It is. Somadrone’s doing a brief tour in February, taking in Dublin, Belfast and Cork. The band are coming to the Triskel in Cork on February 4, bringing Magic Pockets and STRAWK along with them – more here. Nialler 9 has the Skinny (Wolves) on the other gigs and a little bit more about the sound: “It’s full on electronic pop.” Listen to ‘Reckoning’ below and download it for free. (Warning: it’s a huge file so you may just want to stream it.)