Three months ago I featured Gameboy-based artist Kara Kara AKA Kieran Dold from Dublin, who makes songs using just a laptop and, yes, that’s right, a Gameboy. It’s called chiptune. In a move that makes you wonder how instrumental bands come up with names for their tracks, Kara Kara has named two new originals after people. The first, ‘McCarron, Kevin’, was named for the person who listened to ‘Captain Daddy Issues‘ for the 1000th time. The second, ‘The Point Of Eoghan’, is named after, er, me, the 100th person to like Kara Kara’s Facebook page. Both tracks are as big as what’s gone before. The former has touches of a Crystal Castles track – far from a bad thing. Dold says it’s glitch-hop. Once you reach the end it’s difficult to disagree. ‘The Point Of Eoghan’, meanwhile, is a hyper three-and-a-half minutes of non-stop dance beats. I’m pleased to have my name on it, though I did nothing other than like the Facebook page. It’s a good way of engaging with your audience if nothing else. Kara Kara also remixed a track by a chiptune artist called Je M’Appelle. Entitled ‘Like You’, it’s another riotous four minutes-plus of full on electro. If you are looking for something emotional to say describe how you’re feeling, you’re at the wrong place. Kara Kara is a full-on party with no time for people who don’t want to dance. Listen to the three tracks below, where you can also download all of them for free.