Kool Thing (they prefer kool thing) are Julie Chance and Jon Dark, from Dublin and Sydney respectively. They met in Paris and now live in Berlin where they’re honing the band. Last month they made their Light Games EP available for free download. The first I heard of the band, though, despite them recently supporting Austra, was when REID remixed the title track to the EP. REID told me that when he does remixes he just needs the vocals and that he himself had not actually heard the original version of ‘Light Games’. While his remix wasted no time getting into the thick of things, kool thing take it that bit slower, easing into the track. And the wait is more than worth it. The video was shot by Berlin-based film-maker Claire Kurylowski and, like the song, takes the viewer by the hand before pushing them on their own. The central line of the song is: “I’m sleeping in your room again, got the curtains closed real tight,” a phrase that could be interpreted many different ways. I see it as a reassuring line, that everything will be OK. I think that’s what Claire’s video is about too; that no matter how much crystal you do, there will be someone there at the end of it. Warning: it’s a little NSFW. Listen to kool thing’s Light Games EP below.