Despite the name, Rendezvous are an Israeli duo, Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg, who will release debut album Another Round Please at the end of the month on Rough Trade. The songs could easily be confused with a bygone era of dance music, eschewing the David Guetta/Skrillex techniques that have invaded the genre. Where’s the drop? Not here anyway. Rendezvous’s story is also rather different to your run-of-the-mill bedroom producers. “Many of the album’s tracks were recorded in somewhat tumultuous circumstances: in Israel, during the ‘second Lebanon war’. As Rendezvous were recording, neighbouring cities and towns were being fired upon by Hezbollah missiles, and only a few miles away, Israeli planes were dropping bombs on Lebanon. This led to surreal and occasionally dangerous recording sessions, but tunes that seem to transcend the environment in which they were recorded.”

Above is the video for ‘The Murf’, one of eight tracks on Another Round Please. After the jump you can see some videos for the other tracks, including ‘Hand’s Up’, the standout track, being performed live. There’s also a remix set of Rendezvous tracks from Carl Cox.