This is probably the best video I’ve seen so far this year. All the information you need on how to feel about Kindness is containing in the video. Debut album World, You Need a Change of Mind, is out in March. London artist Kindness, formerly the Kindness, first released the song as a B-side to their cover of the Replacements’ ‘Swinging Party’. Read the blurb from here after the jump, along with the cover.

‘Swinging Party’ is the brand new single from a mysterious new band The Kindness and it is a cover of the song by Paul Westerbergs seminal punk rock band The Replacements with a downbeat electro-pop twist. Sometimes referred to as just “Kindness,” this is the work of Adam Bainbridge who may or may not be the only member and he might be based in Berlin. Such is the lack of concrete information that can be found on The Kindness.

The Kindness sounds like a budget LCD Soundsystem, without any of the vibrant and often shambolic vocals of James Murphy at the helm. The bands take on ‘Swinging Party’ just rolls along at the same pace, barely changing tempo. The edginess of the original has been stripped away and at just under the three minute point, it seems to grind to a halt and then start again with a tinge more enthusiasm.

‘Swinging Party’ is backed with ‘Gee Up,’ which if anything is a much better song. The upbeat, dark-disco track, complete with crackling vinyl finish and plenty of slap bass, is over way too quickly. At just over a minute and a half it is more interesting than the four minute ‘A-side.’

The Kindness wont be setting the world alight with ‘Swinging Party’ but the band is gathering an underground following thanks to downloads and YouTube. Even armed with these tools, Mr. Bainbridge will need to do better than this to turn a cult into success.