I’ve been waiting for this gig for about a year. Squarehead have been one of my favourite bands for absolutely ages but have only graced a Cork stage a handful of occasions, each time managing to coincide with me not being able to get along. But not this time. On Saturday, per the poster above, Popical Island take over the Pavilion in Cork city, bringing Tieranniesaur and Land Lovers along with Squarehead. It was Popical Island which actually first put out Squarehead’s ‘Fake Blood‘ back in summer 2010 and with their album cycle coming to a close it’s a nice way to complete the circle. Tieranniesaur I have seen live three times previously and with each slot they have gotten that bit better. From ramshackle beginnings upstairs in Whelan’s at madness o’clock to a late-night support slot in Cyprus Avenue when the sound guy wasn’t there for half their gig they always manage to compel. But there’s always been something missing for me. So hopefully it won’t be a missed opportunity on Saturday. Land Lovers, meanwhile, released one of my favourite albums of last year in the shape of Confidants. I don’t know what to expect from them live but with the quality so high on the LP I can’t imagine they will disappoint. And Squarehead are going to be amazing. I’ll be the one smiling maniacally down the front. Listen to each of the three bands’ albums after the jump.