It’s been almost four months since Bouts’ debut EP left my ears ringing (that’s a good thing), and now we have the double A-side single ‘Get Sick’ and ‘Turn Away’. If you listened to the Dublin group’s self-titled debut EP, you might know what to expect as the trajectory hasn’t altered greatly. Bouts make guitar-driven tracks that are meant to be played loud – it’s pretty simple, but they do it so well. ‘Get Sick’ enters quietly before exploding out of the speakers, being accompanied by softly spoken vocals. It’s a strange dynamic – you want to scream the lyrics back but it doesn’t sound right. “Advice worth taking but I just can’t bring myself to take it,” sings Barry Bracken, appealing to every teenager with regrets. ‘Get Sick’ spirals into a wonderful last minute of swirling noise, all just about controlled. ‘Turn Away’ keeps the tempo fast, eventually revolving around a cry of “swivel on that footpath”. Listen to the two tracks below and after the jump find out how you can get your hands on physical copies and tour information.

Bouts’ single is released on hand-numbered 7″ vinyl, limited to 200 copies, and available from Bandcamp, with shipping at the end of the month. The tracks can be downloaded now though. They’re just €5 so you’d be a fool not to purchase. Towards the end of March and the beginning of April the four-piece are going on a seven-date Irish tour. The poster is below, but because of the closure of An Realt Dearg in Cork, Bouts will instead be playing Plug’d in the city on the rescheduled date of April 7. It’s free, but you can make donations on the door (€8 gets you in and gets you a vinyl). Support local and Irish and all that.