I’ve made no secret either on here or on Twitter about how much I like Adultrock, the electronica (side)project of Gavin Elsted, singer and guitarist with We Are Losers. ‘Poplife’ is the first Adultrock track to feature vocals, which are contributed by Jen Connell, formerly of the excellent Cork group Hooray For Humans (you should listen to their debut album, Signature, released in 2007). Coasting in a sound not too far removed from LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Dance Yrself Clean’, ‘Poplife’ is a dreamy, laid back affair. For the first minute, Connell eases us into things with an echo-laden “ah-ah-ahhh”, before taking us into her head and away into a world of dreams, where “We’ll spend the night across the sky.” It’s a really gorgeous track that showcases the deep talents of Elsted, who must be weighed down by the amount of musical ideas floating around his head. Download ‘Poplife’ for free below and head to Adultrock’s Soundcloud page for plenty more tracks.