Sufjan Stevens has a new sideproject/distraction from the day job, for which he’s dug out the autotune. S / s / s is Stevens, Son Lux and Serengeti, and ‘Museum Day’ is the first track from their debut EP, Beak & Claw, released on March 20 (in the US at least) on Anticon. After initially turning my nose up at the first 60 seconds of ‘Museum Day'(the Stevens autotuned part), Serengeti moves in with a laid-back verse that settles you in. And then we meet the chorus, a wondrous beast that you know will just grow and grow over the course of the six minutes. As outlandish a track as the nine-minute epics on The Age Of Adz, ‘Museum Day’ will win you over in the end. I just can’t resist some Sufjan, with or without autotune.