The last time I saw Beach House was in a field in Dublin last July, supporting Villagers. It was one of those gigs where I was so engulfed by what was happening onstage that time passed me by. For about an hour, time stood still and life was perfect. ‘Myth’ is the first taster of what Beach House’s fourth album Bloom sounds like, and for four minutes, it took me back to the feeling of bliss. It’s not far removed from Teen Dream, that most wondrous of albums, but who would want it to be? It’s built on a spindly Alex Scally guitar line, with Victoria Legrand crooning over it in the way only she can. Lyrically, you can read into ‘Myth’ as being a statement of intent from Beach House: don’t expect another Teen Dream. “If you built yourself a myth and know just what to give, What comes after this?” asks Legrand, crushing the hearts of fans. “Can’t keep hanging on to what was dead and gone,” she adds later. Over the course of the gorgeous, questioning ‘Myth’, Legrand sings, “Help me to make it.” (Initially, I thought she was singing, “Hey we can make it.” Two different meanings.) I never doubted that I would fall in love with whatever Beach House did next. I didn’t think I would fall this hard this early.