Mystery Jets are more than adept at creating great pop songs, and going by ‘Something Purer’, that’s exactly what they are attempting to do on forthcoming album Radlands. Out on April 27, Radlands is the Eel Pie Island group’s fourth album. ‘Something Purer’ sees singer Blaine Harrison (no, his dad’s no longer in the band) crying out for someone to “give me rock and roll”. Is he joining in with the people proclaiming the death of said genre? Hardly. He just wants to go back to a simpler time, when people didn’t question everything about musicians (Lana Del Rey, for example). On their debut album Making Dens (one of my favourite albums), Harrison mourned for a time when they played doctors and nurses, when he had a little bag of hair he wished was his own and when his dad brought him airfix fighters. ‘Something Purer’ is along the same vein, but with a much happier outlook on the past. “Once I was an innocent kid with a pure and innocent soul,” he sings. We already knew that.

Mystery Jets – ‘Something Purer’

(via Barrygruff)