I was sad to hear that J TIllman was putting the sticks down and leaving Fleet Foxes. Hearing ‘Nancy From Now On’ eases the pain though. It’s going to feature on Tillman’s first album as Father John Misty – he’s released four albums under his own name already; check them out – entitled Fear Fun, out at the end of April in Ireland. The song and video for ‘Nancy From Now On’ work as a juxtaposition: the song will carry you away on a cloud; the video will make you think dirty thoughts. You can also look at the song as a statement of intent from Tillman/the good father, having departed Fleet Foxes: “Hook me up the tank and roll me to the door, I’m going where my body leaves me, I can fend for myself with what looks I have left. I’ve put away a few…” Meanwhile, Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes are two parts of Poor Moon, whose EP you can stream at the Line of Best Fit.