I can’t even begin to make sense of ‘Man Made’, the latest video from Clock Opera, who release their long-awaited debut album Ways To Forget on April 20 in Ireland. The video begins with what seems like a good grandaughter showing her grandad and his friend (partner?) a good time. Cut to her strutting down a pier, then in her dingy apartment applying grease, staring longingly at a poster of Freddie Mercury and attaching a moustache a la the Queen singer. She then flips pancakes and entertains the (senile?) old friends, who then put on pancake masks and kiss. That’s when I start to get a little lost. Is this what happens to X Factor rejects? They live the rest of their lives out dressed up, rearing a toy baby? “Won’t you tell me who I should be?” Clock Opera sing during ‘Man Made’. Their protagonist certainly needs some direction. Clock Opera return to Dublin on May 11 and 12, when they play both nights of the Dublin Crawl.