Hinting at Florence and the Machine, New Zealand duo Black City Lights never really want to reach the top of that mountain to scream their voices off. They are happier dwelling in a cave halfway up the mountain, chanting along with the xx songs. Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr comprise Black City Lights. Apparently, according to the presser, “It wasn’t until late 2010, after one of his friends in the Wellington music scene took him under his wing, that Calum started to realize just how much could be done with the right kind of software, supportive friends, creativity, and a whole lot of patience and hard work”. Quite a quick turnaround for Calum then, who brought Julia on board for the ride. After a couple of singles, they released debut EP Parallels last week. At six tracks and more than 20 minutes long, the EP is perfectly paced, relying on washed-over vocals and watery drum beats to lull you into a false sense of security. ‘Collapsing Horizon’ is perhaps the standout track on Parallels, rejoicing in a Portishead-style sound. But you’ll find something special to call your own, too. Black City Lights don’t need to climb the rest of the mountain; they’re waiting for you to question why you wanted to get to the top. Download the EP for whatever price you want at Bandcamp, though that deal will end shortly.