Colette and Hannah Thurlow front 2:54, a moniker named after their favourite point of a Melvins song. The Irish-born, London-based girls are gearing up for their forthcoming single ‘You’re Early’, released in two weeks. They’re made a video that encapsulates their sound, too. Shrouded in fog, you’ll be straining to see the intricate shapes thrown behind the curtain. It’s simple to pigeonhole their sound (shoegaze etc), but listen a little longer, a little harder and there’s much more going on behind their guitars. Pre-order the ‘You’re Early’ single here (the first 150 will be signed – shouldn’t that be the first 254?). A self-titled, debut album follows at the end of May. The cover should be familiar to Irish eyes: it’s a picture of Doolin Point, Co Clare, where the girls spent their childhood summers. See it after the jump.