Archive: April 2012

New Tom Vek still sounds like classic Tom Vek. Buy ‘You’ll Stay’ from iTunes.

Sometimes, songs come along that catch you unawares. I was sitting at my laptop drinking coffee when I was sent ‘Miami’, the latest song from Cork chillatronica artist Reid. I wasn’t expecting the wave of ‘I have to dance to this’ that came over me almost immediately, so it was hands in the air, with […]

AU are amazing. Nialler9 alerted me to them in February and ‘Solid Gold’ has been one of my most played tracks of the year so far. It’s taken from the album Both Lights, an 11-track collection that will excite and reaffirm your love of music. ‘OJ’ condenses the energy of the album into a Friendly […]

Yeah, they do look like Best Friends in this video. They featured here at the beginning of April, and ‘Witches’ is taken from the Sheffield band’s recent release, the Throwing Up EP, which I’ve had on repeat all this month.

I thought this video for Last Days of 1984‘s ‘River’s Edge’ had been around for ages. The song is just so familiar at this stage, having been around almost a year, that it seemed like there was nothing new to discover. The clip for ‘River’s Edge’ is directed by Sophie Gateau and just like the […]

Dublin three-piece Ginola went to the zoo for the video to ’14 Hormonal Years’. A lovely idea for a video, not reflected in the music. The vocals are bathed in noise, which is ratcheted up for the, er, chorus, and there’s no time to placate anybody with tales of their favourite animal. ’14 Hormonal Years’ […]

One half of Datadrip, Steve McEvoy puts his talents to good use on the four-track Imprint EP, the first release under his own name. If you’ve heard Datadrip before, you’ll know they know their way around an electronica track. McEvoy is no slouch, creating 17 minutes of escalating beats that sound perfect late at night, […]

Here’s one record I’m definitely going to pick up on Saturday for Record Store Day. Before Christmas, Halves played the Unitarian Church in Dublin. They recorded the gig and are releasing it on vinyl on Saturday. We’ve already had a video of the performance, ‘Darling, You’ll Meet Your Maker’, and another taster, ‘Haunt Me When […]

Recalling a simpler time, Hidden Highways will lull you up to a cloud as your worries float away. Comprised of formerly uke-toting Vertigo Smyth and Carol Anne McGowan, Hidden Highways release their self-titled debut EP on Out On A Limb records on Friday, just in time for Record Store Day the following day. You might […]

Gearing up for the release of an EP expected next month, Kool Thing have released ‘We Are Here’ as a taster. Whereas ‘Light Games‘ lurked in the shadows, sleeping with the curtains closed, ‘We Are Here’ gets louder and louder, engulfing all before it. The vocals remain in the darkness though, creating a track at […]