You might recognise Terror Pop, a four-piece who hail from Cork. Formerly known as Agitate the Gravel, the name change comes a week after The Morning Benders announced they are changing their name to Pop Etc. Guess pop is far from a dirty word anymore. ‘Wait’ is the first single they’re releasing under the new moniker – they have two under their belt as Agitate – and is the best to date. It’s not afraid to live up to the new pop name, but delves into so much different terrain. Clocking in at exactly three minutes, you’ll come out the other end feeling as if you’ve just had a crash course in the whole spectrum of music. There’s a biiiiiig chorus, restrained use of guitar and a killer outro. Which makes it all the more disappointing that it’s backed with the lacklustre, been-there-done-that-10-years-ago ‘Incomprehensible’. One home run but another swing and a miss from Terror Pop. Here’s hoping they get their Sabremetrics right for the next release (First ever baseball reference on the blog). Buy it digitally or in physical form on their Bandcamp. An extensive tour of the country continues tonight. All the dates are after the jump. (Also, We Are Noise have a good review of a gig from last week, and a discussion on how Terror Pop are different to Agitate the Gravel.)

The Courtyard, Limerick – April 3;
Crowley’s Music Centre, Cork – April 14;
Pine Lodge, Myrtleville – April 21;
The Blind Pig, Limerick – April 27;
Connollys, Leap w/ Carosels and K-X-P – May 6;
Tower Records, Dublin – May 17;
Whelans, Dublin – May 17;
De Barras, Clonakilty – May 30;
Crane Lane Theatre, Cork – May 31.