Brooklyn band Computer Magic have, over the course of the last 12-18 months, been steadily releasing stellar electropop tracks. (There’s now 24 tracks up on their Soundcloud page.) They have just released the five-track Orion EP, out via Kitsuné. As you might expect due to the title (and their Facebook picture) Orion feels like you’re floating in space. Comparisons to Grimes might come, but Danielle ‘Danz’ Johnson isn’t afraid to hide her voice behind beeps and bloops. “I don’t know what regret means,” she sings on ‘Trinity’, which evolves in to a swirling mix of perfectly controlled euphoria. “Can anyone hear me? Because nobody does over you,” she worries on the worryingly titled ‘Help Me’. There’s plenty to discover in the five tracks. And Computer Magic will probably be your new favourite band by the time the title track fades. Listen to the first two tracks below, then the other three after the jump. You can buy the Orion EP on iTunes.