Not to be confused with Friends, who topped the Bloggers’ Sound of 2012 Poll, Best Friends are a four-piece from Sheffield who have just released their second EP, the sickeningly monikered Throwing Up. Clocking in at seven tracks, you’ll want to blow your speakers – in a good way. Despite the same place of birth, Best Friends are not Arctic Monkey Version 1.0 soundalikes; they’re much closer to the Cribs’ early sound. It’s garage rock that’s spat with the energy of having glugged plenty cans of Tuborg. It’s the sound of youth; it’s the sound of throwing up (er, in a good way). And yes, you will want to be their best friend, not just a simple friend. Throwing Up is released via Art Is Hard Records. Listen to the EP – and download it via Bandcamp (buy the physical edition!) – and watch the video for ‘Break My Neck’ below.