Waterford five-piece Solar Taxi are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Broken Brother’s Secret Bells. It’s been a long time in the offing and follows a string of singles. They were recommended to me by one of my favourite Irish artists, the Casanova Wave, who has remixed Solar Taxi in the past. ‘Zodiac’ is our first taster of the forthcoming album, clocking in at just over the poptastic three-minute mark. It’s an electro-pop stomper that revels in a simplistic chorus and repeated ooo-ooo-oos. “Bend me, shake me and do much more,” Aisling Browne opens with; and if that didn’t pique your interest, there’s plenty more that will. Listen to ‘Zodiac’ below and download it on Friday, April 13. Broken Brother’s Secret Bells follows later in the year.