The first release from Feel Good Lost Records is the debut EP by Young Wonder, a duo comprised of Ian Ring and Rachel Koeman. After a couple of beguiling tracks, we now get ‘Orange’, a mesmerising mix of cut-up vocals and swirling sounds. I’ve been listening to the song a lot today, and still find it difficult to get into words. There are no discernible lyrics, little approaching a chorus and nothing that you could point to as the defining part of the track – the ‘yes, this is amazing’ moment. And yet I keep coming back to ‘Orange’, listening to all 201 seconds intently. In short, I like it. The eight-track debut EP is released on CD and download on Saturday. Meanwhile, yesterday I interviewed Brendan Canty – one half of Feel Good Lost, who obviously shot the video for ‘Orange’ – and he was really excited about the impending release of Young Wonder’s EP. It’s easy to hear why.