Dublin three-piece Ginola went to the zoo for the video to ’14 Hormonal Years’. A lovely idea for a video, not reflected in the music. The vocals are bathed in noise, which is ratcheted up for the, er, chorus, and there’s no time to placate anybody with tales of their favourite animal. ’14 Hormonal Years’ is the opening track to the newly released Way Harsh EP, which you can stream below. Barely clocking in at 10 minutes spread over four tracks, there are hints at the harsher side of Nirvana, particularly on the closing track ‘Gimme Milk’, which exclaims that “everything is perfect until the moment it’s gone”. It’s a harsh EP that doesn’t wait around for people to gather their thoughts. An Irish tour is promised next month – you might need to pack the earplugs. You can download Way Harsh from Quarter Inch Collective here.