One half of Datadrip, Steve McEvoy puts his talents to good use on the four-track Imprint EP, the first release under his own name. If you’ve heard Datadrip before, you’ll know they know their way around an electronica track. McEvoy is no slouch, creating 17 minutes of escalating beats that sound perfect late at night, with headphones on and nobody else around. There’s an underlying intensity to ‘Keep’ and ‘UnWound’ that you feel could make perfect sense on the live stage. The opening track ‘Escape By Night’, meanwhile, contains plenty to keep even the most twitchy, distracted listener fixated in their seat. McEvoy takes to the Twisted Pepper on Thursday, May 3, in the Box, as part of Beatyard. You can download the Imprint EP for free here. Listen to it below. It was produced by Brendan Rehill and the artwork was done by Patrick Semple.