Sometimes, songs come along that catch you unawares. I was sitting at my laptop drinking coffee when I was sent ‘Miami’, the latest song from Cork chillatronica artist Reid. I wasn’t expecting the wave of ‘I have to dance to this’ that came over me almost immediately, so it was hands in the air, with coffee in hand, all while sitting down in front of a laptop – a sad sight. What I’m trying to say is that while Reid’s ‘Miami’ is not as feel good as Will Smith’s version – still an amazing pop song – it would sound as good when played in the clubs. Laptop speakers don’t do it justice. Reid’s released a steady stream of tracks since first coming to prominence almost a year ago and it’s been great to see a distinctive style come shining through. ‘Miami’, like its predecessors, washes in on a quickly rising background before Caribbean beats take over. You can download it for free via the Soundcloud widget below. It’s the last track he’s putting out until a new EP in the latter half of the year, he promises. Reid will be popping up at plenty of festivals over the summer, including Indiependence in Mitchelstown, Co Cork, in August. As if that wasn’t enough Reid news, one more bit of info: he’s featuring on a collaboration EP that’s going to be released by Kitsuné. It’s by Giraffrage and XXYYXX and features remixes by Reid, Teen Daze, Slow Magic and the One AM Radio. Listen to a minimix here.